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DYING BREED officially launched their first episode in 2020. 

A brainchild of Tom Bangle owner of Amped Pump and Controls LLC. DYING BREED is a television show highlighting the work of his team installing and maintaining pumps throughout the Northwest.


What we do is challenging and difficult because it's technical and that's what makes us special. We are a Dying Breed.


The purpose of this show is to showcase to our audience the nitty gritty of what goes into the work that we do. From diving to crawling though sewers the life of a specialist in this industry is an exciting one. There is rarely a dull moment in the variety of work we face.


Why the name DYING BREED? Our industry is a rare one that is essentially dying out. Tom and our team invite you to join us on our adventures and get a sneak peak of everything that goes on in this exciting  unknown industry. Be watching as we release more episodes from here on out.



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